Security & Compliance

Accelerate compliance and have confidence in LLM security

Scenario: A government contractor is seeking to use LLMs to aid in responding to RFPs

Use Case Details:

  • HYOK Encryption:
    • Trelent supports HYOK encryption, SSO, and single-tenant deployments. The contractor is able to deploy an isolated instance of Trelent encrypted with a key in their complete control.
  • Access Control & Logging:
    • By integrating with the contractor's SSO, access to the Trelent instance can be tightly controlled and limited only to authorized personnel working on RFP responses. All access and activity is logged for auditing purposes.
  • Data Isolation:
    • With a dedicated single-tenant deployment, the contractor's data is completely isolated from other Trelent customers. The data is encrypted at rest and in transit end-to-end.
  • Compliance:
    • Trelent's HYOK encryption model, coupled with the access controls, logging and isolation of a single-tenant deployment, allows the contractor to maintain compliance with relevant government security regulations for safeguarding sensitive RFP data.
  • RFP Efficiency:
    • Because of the confidence the contractor has due to Trelent's data security model, they are able to upload examples of previous RFPs, details around unannounced products, and other sensitive materials. When provided these sensitive documents, the LLM is able to provide more robust recommendations, writing a better RFP at a faster pace, and increasing the rate of awarded RFPs to the contractor.