About Trelent

The team

We're a young, VC-backed AI startup at the forefront of generative AI in the workplace. We're a fully remote team based in Canada and the UK.

A young white man with curly hair, wearing a green/turquoise shirt with his hands interlocked underneath his chin. In the background is a cobblestone street. He is seated at an outdoor table at a restaurant.
Calum Bird
CEO & Founder

Meet Calum, founder of Trelent and wearer of all hats. He focuses on the frontend and LLM work, and sometimes pitches in on the backend. This particular photo is a rare case of him being away from his desk!

A young white man wearing a green collared shirt. His arms are crossed, and he is wearing an Apple Watch on his right-hand wrist. He is standing ahead of a wooden fence.
Wyatt Stagg
Founding Engineer

Meet Wyatt, engineer no. 1 at Trelent, and board game fiend. He focuses on building out Trelent’s backend, and convincing Calum that his perfect abstraction in Rust is definitely worth the extra time!

A middle-aged white man with brown hair and a full, but short, beard. He is staring intensely at the camera. The background is pure white.
Joe Taylor
Product & UI/UX

Meet Joe. He focuses on product and user experience, which sees him pitch in on the frontend from time-to-time. This is, as they say, not his first rodeo.