November 21, 2023

Trelent: Model-Agnostic From The Start

This past weekend may have put most of the AI world in limbo, but our customers rested peacefully. Learn more about how GPTeam protects your workflow.

The AI community is abuzz with the unexpected news that on November 17th, the board of OpenAI dismissed the startup's prominent CEO, Sam Altman. This instability has sparked debate around whether OpenAI's services will remain reliable in the coming weeks, months and years. Trelent provides a solution, stemming from our commitment to a model-agnostic approach.

Trelent takes advantage of AI systems called "Large Language Models", or "models" for short. These systems take in text, documents and other media in the form of an instruction, with the goal of outputting a useful response. Being model-agnostic means that at any given time we are able to use and switch between multiple AI models for tasks assigned to your digital colleagues, never relying on just one to return the best possible result.

What's going on at OpenAI?

The motives behind the OpenAI board's surprising move to fire Sam Altman remain unclear, and they have sparked widespread speculation and concern among technology companies heavily reliant on OpenAI's services. OpenAI's influence is extensive, with over two million developers integrating its API into various applications, mirroring the capabilities seen in popular tools like ChatGPT, Copy AI, Microsoft Copilot and more. This unexpected shakeup raises critical questions about the future availability and direction of OpenAI's services.

Stability Amidst Change: Trelent's Model-Agnostic Approach

Amidst this turmoil, Trelent remains unaffected, a testament to our foresight in diversifying our AI model providers. Our approach involves utilizing multiple AI models simultaneously, ensuring that our services remain stable, efficient, and up to date. Key to our strategy is the use of Azure OpenAI Service, a service by Microsoft which offers robust service level agreements for the state of the art family of GPT-4 models, and Anthropic, an emerging AI player developing the advanced series of Claude models. This diversity in providers not only guarantees service continuity but also enables us to constantly integrate the latest and most effective AI models. Our clients benefit from immediate upgrades without any disruption to their existing workflows. Whether it's for creating marketing strategies or enhancing other business operations, our commitment ensures that our clients always have access to the best AI solutions, with seamless integration and consistent results.

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In light of the saga unfolding at OpenAI, we are accelerating our waitlist, including immediate access to Trelent. We welcome you to sign up and try a secure chat today, in a model-agnostic setting resilient to the storm brewing at OpenAI.