BYOK Encryption is here! Available on Enterprise plans.

Wish you could use ChatGPT at work?

You know AI would boost your team, but your boss is worried about data leaks. Meet Trelent, your team's fully-encrypted AI assistant that doesn't send data outside your company.

A screenshot of Trelent, showing a chat interface with bold text saying "How can I help you" and several suggestions to ask the secure AI system.

Loved by teams around the world

Trelent's secure AI assistant is fully integrated into team workflows from London to Vancouver, helping companies safely benefit from generative AI.

A screenshot of Trelent, showing a chat interface containing a conversation between a user and the secure AI. A panel is open showing several integrations - Google Drive, Dropbox and file uploads.
Why Trelent?

Trelent is the “eyes off” AI assistant for secure teams.

None of your prompts ever get sent to OpenAI. We run a private instance of GPT4 to process your prompts, but we do not log, or store your prompts or responses in a way that's accessible to us.

Content logging disabled by default

Common practice among AI services is to enable content logging under the guise of 'abuse monitoring'. These abuse-monitoring systems are prone to false-positives, letting third-party employees see your data. We've negotiated with those providers to stop that.

Field level encryption

We don't settle for encryption at-rest. We also encrypt the actual database fields that contain your data, so that not even a rogue Trelent employee would be able to access it in the event that our database was compromised.

BYOK encryption

If you still don't trust us, we let you bring your own encryption key using a state of the art BYOK implementation. We let you bring your own main key (the CMK) from which we derive data keys stored in our infrastructure as ciphertext. Contact us for more details.


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